About Flannel


What we do

Flannel is a Northern California based interactive branding company. We specialize in helping organizations clarify their goals and their identities, and telling their stories through compelling language and design.

We're unusual in a couple of respects. First, we've discovered that the skills we've developed over years of doing commercial work translate especially well to the mission-driven work of higher education. We approach branding and story telling with the intelligence and integrity that colleges and graduate schools deserve, while at the same time bringing a kind of nimbleness and joy and fearlessness that are often refreshing within those serious, important worlds. We understand the need to communicate to diverse constituencies, while at the same time we believe that people everywhere respond to heartfelt emotion, to stories well told, to beautiful and surprising images, and to what feels true.

In addition, a company that can solve problems through technology, has innovative design ideas and the sensitivity required of profound story telling, is in a stronger position than a company focused solely on design or marketing. We believe that the one-pixel-at-a-time approach forces an attention to fine detail that gives us a competitive advantage that's hard to measure, but hard to miss. With the addition of photography and video we weave story telling into all we create.

Who we are

Dennis Derammelaere

Founder, President

Bridget McKenna

Account Manager

Jim Collins

Senior Editor

Liz Gemignani

Graphic Designer