We believe that form follows function, and that the function of design is to engage and delight and express something real. In designing for higher education, we also aim high, respecting the ideals, intelligence (and idiosyncrasies) of the institution.

As it happens, we also believe that high-quality, handmade design never goes out of style.

A World Leader

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth needed a website to match its stature as an international leader in business education. Our challenge was to re-imagine and redesign a static website into a dynamic, news-driven, online experience.
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Imagine the Next 250 Years

Dartmouth Strategic Planning
These are extraordinary times in higher education. The tools that enable learning and the sharing of knowledge are becoming increasingly more powerful and widespread, and they are changing at a pace that is as astounding as their reach. For colleges, it is a development that holds both tremendous challenge and opportunity.

The Dartmouth Strategic Planning logo and the supporting tagline guide the development of a new website to engage the Dartmouth community in the strategic planning process.
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Connecting Alumni

Mytuck Alumni Network
The technical challenge of building a new alumni-based website for the Tuck School of Business from whole cloth was significant. Working seamlessly with Tuck’s Computing Services department, we worked in iModules to create a sharp, user-friendly website that immediately redefined what an alumni-based website could be.
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A Case for Technology

To give every person on earth no less than the care they need and no more than they want.
In the fall of 2011, using the Atavist platform, Dartmouth unveiled a radically innovative case method for teaching: an interactive, immersive case study residing on a Flannel-built website but accessible to students wherever they happened to be. It’s an elegant case for new technology.
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Engage the Senses

Montshire Museum of Science
The Montshire Museum of Science is a hands-on museum located in Norwich, Vermont, with more than 125 exhibits relating to the natural and physical sciences, ecology, and technology. The building is located on a 110-acre site near the Connecticut River, and the Museum's outdoor environment is a large part of the visitor experience. We designed a website that met the museum’s commercial needs for visitors while clearly conveying the museum’s educational mission.
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Tuck Today

Tuck Today Alumni magazine and iPad App
We redesigned the Tuck Today alumni magazine and delivered the content on multiple platforms including a printed magazine, website, and iPad app. The online content is managed in one CMS and automatically updated in the app.
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Follow the Nomad

Atomic Skis
We declared our independence from Europe over 200 years ago. It’s about time that our skis did the same. The Nomad Series was the first Atomic ski designed and manufactured in America for US skiers. The campaign focused on pioneer spirit and individuality.
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Experience Tuck

The Tuck School of Business is unique among the world’s top management programs, with a small student body, sole focus on the MBA, and access to a preeminent faculty.
These are their stories.
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Changing Business, Transforming Lives

Coaches Training Institute
CTI is the preeminent global provider of coach training with partners in 15 countries and over 20,000 trained "Co-Active" coaches. To position its work within organizations, we helped CTI focus on its coaching methodology, Co-Active, and to change its name from "The Coaches" to CTI. This enabled the brand to build on its leadership position in the coaching market and create a broader container for growing the business inside corporations.
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The Return of Spring

Shreve, Crump & Low
We were engaged to rebrand a 300-year-old tradition and restore luster to "The Gem of Boston." The previous ownership had changed the product mix, the design of the store and their messaging to reach new customers. All of these efforts pushed away the core customer base and ultimately drove Shreve, Crump & Low into bankruptcy. Our job was to reconnect with the core customer with a campaign embracing the 300 years with a twist of unexpected creativity.
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Tightknit Interactive & Branding

Big ideas become stronger stitched together with hand-crafted code.
Take a look around and let us know if you see something you like. Of course, we can’t sell it to you since everything we create is made by hand or hand-coded and one-of-a-kind.